Secure Data DestructionData Nukes provides Secure Data Destruction for electronic media storage devices such as computers, servers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Our services are primarily focused towards serving the needs of businesses and organizations, but we also provide the consumer a place to bring or send their devices for sanitization as well.

Complimentary to our Secure Data Destruction services we offer businesses comprehensive plans that may include a Compliance Program based on your company’s operations, Serialized Reporting with Certification and electronic recycling if needed, through Living Green Recycling. Many of these services are available on both a local and national level; please contact us to discuss your company’s needs.

Data Security and Comprehensive Service at affordable rates, define what Data Nukes strives to bring its clients, including your company or organization. If you want a plan tailored to your company’s secure data destruction needs, contact us today to get started. Simply peruse through our services and determine what you would like to implement for your organization then fill out the form on the right of this page or in the contact us section and a representative will contact you shortly.


Data Nukes, Inc., is pleased to offer to businesses and organizations a solution to their electronics recycling needs as well. Living Green Recycling, LLC provides comprehensive and responsible electronics recycling for all of Data Nukes clients in need of this service. Living Green Recycling is a California State licensed company providing … MORE INFORMATION


Data Nukes, Inc. rigidly adheres to NAID standards and practices concerning secure data destruction for your organization. NAID sets industry standards world-wide in all facets of secure data destruction and Data Nukes, Inc. , is a proud compliant member of NAID. Our goal is to provide your company a comprehensive, top level service program, … MORE INFORMATION


Data Destruction provided for all electronic media storage devices should be an unquestionable activity, planned and routinely done as part of any business, company or organization’s regular business practices and model, just as every part of a viable company plan is performed. Although paper shredding is largely what’s recognized as ‘data … MORE INFORMATION